OUM Chan Mono

Senior Researcher

Mr. Chan Mono OUM is as a senior researcher at the Center for Policy Studies (CPS). Throughout his eight years of professional experience, Mr. Chan Mono has been a lead and a co-lead consultant, working on and supporting a wide range of research projects for national and subnational governments, international organisations, and development partners such as ADB, CAVAC, JICA, IOM, UNDP, and USAID. He is equipped with strong technical and analytical skills in both qualitative and quantitative analysis, with a particular emphasis on empirical modeling, impact evaluation, and a large-scale survey management.


Mr. Chan Mono is currently pursuing a PhD in economics program at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. His primary research interests are economic growth and development, microcredit, labour economics, migration, and remittances.


Email: mono@cps.org.kh