Board of Directors

H.E. Dr. Mey Kaylan, Chairman (Senior Advisor, with rank of Minister, of the Supreme National Economic Council)

H.E. Tuon Thavrak, Member (Secretary of State, Ministry of Planning)

H.E. Meng Saktheara, Member (Secretary of State, Ministry of Mines and Energy)

Ms. Chet Charya, Member (Executive Director, STAR Kampuchea)

Mr. Chan Sophal, Member (Executive Director, Centre for Policy Studies)

Our Team

Mr. CHAN Sophal

Executive Director

Dr. NGIN Chanrith

Research Director

Mr. NGO Sothath

Project Development Manager

Dr. KEM Sothorn

Senior Researcher

Mr. KIM Minea

Researcher (Part-time)

Ms. KHON Leakhena


Ms. KHUN Sokeng

Research Assistant

Ms. SOUR Mengyou

Research Assistant

Mr. NUTH Sovannarith

Research Assistant/ Website Administrator

Ms. RUOS Sophallin

Operation Manager

Ms. LY Oulang


Ms. TEU Meavtung

Admin/ Research Assistant

Affiliated Research Fellows

Dr. Pak Kimchoeun (public financial management, de-centralisation and de-concentration, and political economy analysis)

Dr. Chheng Kimlong (quantitative research & analysis; macroeconomic & development policy; business, investment and trade; Cost-Benefit Analysis)

Mr. Chhun Nimul (monitoring and evaluation framework, integrated water resource management, and community development)

Mr. Hor Kosal (business analysis and logistic design and management)

Mr. Thay Sokun (engineering design, project management, and architecture)