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Policy Briefs

Agricultural Investment at the Crossroads in Cambodia: Towards Inclusion of Smallholder Farmers?

Making Contract Farming More Inclusive for Smallholder Farmers in Cambodia

Policy Brief No. 06 (2021)

How to Improve Worker Recruitment in Agriculture Sector in Cambodia

Covid-19 and the Tourism Sector

Policy Brief No. 04 (2021)

The Covid-19 Pandemic and Workers in Cambodia

Digital Challenges of Agricultural Input Suppliers

Policy Brief No. 02 (2019)

Partnership Building for Economic Concession Land Development

Policy Brief No. 01 (2018)

Survey on Productivity and Welfare Impacts of Household Farm Size in Cambodia

Study Reports

Assessment of the Agricultural Cooperatives for Developing Policy on Public, Private and Producer Partnership (PPPP) in Cambodia

Study of Emerging Area and Potential Crops for Diversification in Cambodia

Agricultural Investment at the Crossroads in Cambodia: Towards inclusion of smallholder farmers?

An Overview of Business Models for Agricultural Investments and
A Mapping of Policy and Regulatory Framework and Institutional Arrangement for Agricultural Development in Cambodia

COVID-19 and the Tourism Sector
in Cambodia

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Workers in Cambodia

Digital Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural

Land conflicts between Economic Land Concessions

Feasibility Study on Agricultural Business Models

A Search for Available Lands from Revoked and Excised ELC for LASAMF

A comparative case study - The impact of LSLA on land tenure and implications for local livelihoods

Cambodian Rice Sector Economic Observatory

Inclusive Development and Chinese Direct Investments

FDI and Industrial Linkages in Cambodia

Scenarios for Future Climate Financing in Cambodia

Who Bears the Burden An Assessment of Taxation

Farmers Perception of the Benefits of Agricultural

Power Points

Power Point No. 01 (2022)

Presentation for Consultation Workshop